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This is a one-of-a-kind wet felted purse. The unique design is the authors own creation. It is made from all natural components: Australian merino wool, Bulgarian wool locks and Italian viscose. Author’s design.


Chrome plated hardware secures an attractive felted handles to the body of the purse. All of the leather details have been hand stitched. The unique lock detail on the purse’s front and back adds an elegant natural flare to the design. The color of the material transitions from a dark grey to blue-grey.

The interior of the bag features two medium sized pockets attached with black lace . The bottom is reinforced with insert material and leather. Metal studs have been added to the base of the bag to provide protection when placing down.
The item is finished and ready to ship.

The dimensions of the purse are: 14” long x 10” tall x 5” wide,   weight 800 gr

To make this item takes 40 hours of time, lots of patience and love. The felting process combines wool fibers with selected underlay to produce a warm, light, and durable fabric. The process utilizes all-natural materials: Australian Merino wool, Italian viscose, and raw fleece locks. The resulting fabric is thin, light, breathable, and very warm. This expertly crafted and elegant clothing item is bound to provide years of enjoyable useExact repetition is not possible.

Care instructions:

Spot cleaning with warm water and soap.


Handmade, one of a kind, felted purse

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