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  • What is wet felting?
    Wet felting is a form of fiber art which produces unique items by creating the material from individual fibers. The various fiber layers are arranged in a desired fashion, moistened and manually processed until they fully intertwine and form a homogenous fabric, renowned for its durability, warmth and breathability.
  • What materials are used in the felting process?
    Pani Olenka uses the highest quality, natural, raw ingredients sourced from the global marketplace. Most items are produced from natural merino wool, viscose and silk. The artistic embellishments are made using the same materials and various decorative items.
  • Who can wear felted items?
    Anyone who is seeking a durable, warm and breathable clothing item, which is bound to provide many years of delightful use. Felted items should be avoided by people with wool-related allergies.
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