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Reuse is the concept at the very core of this creation. The accent fabric used is a family heirloom of more than 70 years in age. I suddenly realized the opportunities and benefits associated with repurposing parts of existing items, which could not be used for one reason or the other, while exploring new artistic avenues in the medium of felting. This is my first attempt at a new technique. I did not want to cut the precious material, so I chose a wrap-around skirt design. The black underlayer is felted from natural silk, viscose, and merino wool. The decorative material is sown on top, creating a unique look. The belt is made from felted material and can be worn in a variety of manners.


I would be glad to help you repurpose a precious clothing item by breathing new life into it through the art of wet felting.

Two layers felted skirts, not for sale

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