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The felting process combines wool fibers with selected underlay to produce a warm, light, and durable fabric. The process utilizes all-natural materials: Australian Merino wool, Italian viscose, and raw fleece locks. The resulting fabric is thin, light, breathable, and very warm. This expertly crafted and elegant clothing item is bound to provide years of enjoyable use.

This beautiful hand-felted metal frame purse combines functionality and refined style. The fabric is made using Australian merino wool, raw linen, wool locks, and Italian viscose, producing a light, durable material capable of withstanding years of wear. The purse features two internal leather-trimmed pockets and a thin, stylish shoulder strap. This purse is embellished with various fibre details featuring viscose, linen, and wool fibres. The resulting surface possesses a striking, three-dimensional property, adding great depth to the item's visual effect. This gorgeous purse is bound to provide its owner with pleasurable use for many years. Size 8 " x 10"

Felted messenger bag with frame black color.

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