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This is a felted cardigan with a modern cut; it is meant to be worn as an oversized clothing item according to the latest European fashion trends. The combination of raw wool fleece with viscose and linen creates a unique fabric with a distinct texture, which is impossible to predict while the fabric is being created. The sleeves have 3 layers of material, while the body has front buttons. The classical color combination of light pink and grey produces a very special clothing item.

To make this item takes 30 hours of time, lots of patience and love. Author’s design.

Size M- XL

Exact repetition is not possible.

The felting process combines wool fibers with selected underlay to produce a warm, light, and durable fabric. The process utilizes all-natural materials: Australian Merino wool, Italian viscose, and raw fleece locks. The resulting material is thin, light, breathable, and very warm. This expertly sewn and elegant clothing item is bound to provide years of enjoyable use.

Care instructions :dry cleaning.

Hand felted woolen cardigan.

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