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The finest quality Italian merino wool and viscose are combined to produce a deep, vibrant burgundy material. The front of the bag features a fur detail which adds a natural element of flare to this accessory. The hand-stitched leather handle allows for the purse to be carried in hand while a long, detachable strap facilitates shoulder carry.

The interior of the purse features two medium sized pockets and a leather bottom. Metal studs have been added to the base of the bag.

15.5” long x 13” tall x 9” wide, weight 1300 gr

To make this item takes 50 hours of time, lots of patience and love. The felting process is where wool is felted or entangled with water, soap and friction to push the wool through the silk or viscose base.

Exact repetition is not possible.

Care instructions :

Spot cleaning with warm water and soap.

Handmade, one of a kind, felted purse with a doctor’s bag frame.

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